Sunday, February 1, 2009

wadufxup... niggas be bullshittin'

so i was watching Madea Goes to Jail the other night, and tyler perry said something that really touched my heart:
when men cheat, they are so DUMB.
like, wadufxup when it comes to males putting themselves in the category of:
"committed" "spoken for" "married" "one woman man"
i mean, DAMN! is that so freaking hard???
and the worse thing about it, ya'll asses get caught up on MySpace.
do ya'll not realize how small the world becomes once you send a broad a message??? and yet and still you got pictures of yo girl all in yo albums and on yo top???? wtFUCK? is wrong with ya'll??????? that shit pisses me the hell off.
im sneaky as shit. i done did some shit back in the 8th grade that niggas is just now finding out about and its to the point now where they dont even care no more because we aint even thinking bout each other in that sense anymore.
but when you in it with someone and ya'll have made promises that will only be kept if the two of you remain together for the rest of ya'lls years... then dont fuck up. dont break up a happy home over some cyberspace bullshit. who the fuck cares about a damn broad???? especially when the one you see almost everyday at yo house is doing a whole lot more for you than getting ya dick hard off a picture of some ass.
*note: females lift up their leg to make their asses look bigger than what they actually are in order to get more pic comments. think im wrong, see the bitch in person and then see that she wear a size 10 jean and on myspace she look like buffy the body.

now i know some males is just like "what's the big deal? its just myspace?"
the fact of the matter is, jackASS, is that you up on the computer sending this broad messages back and forth for only Lord knows how long and you got her ass thinking, "he dont want her fa real. cause if he did, he wouldnt be spending all his time talking to me." then her silly goose aint gone care what she say to you because she feel as though thats what yo stupid, rabbit ass wants to hear because maybe yo so called "wifey" aint telling you.
and what kills me is the niggas that cry, whine, and apologize for doing that dumb shit then turn right back around and pull the same shit once again.
but its ok, one day that dog bitch gone cause you to get bit in the ass and then you gone be left out in the rain to fiend for yourself, ASSwipe.

i fucking hate this shit.

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