Thursday, July 16, 2009

wadufxup... where are all the gentlemen?

so today, my buddy korey comes over to see me before he goes to new york and all... & i was really glad to see him.
korey knows i like him, and he knows i like him but today, he became a friend because of his actions.
when i first met korey im like, "ahh, he's alright." nothing really spectacular until he introduced himself.
"hi, how are you? my names korey & its a pleasure meeting you."
i was so shocked all i could do was smile; he immediately went from alright to cute. then he was talking to me about different things and he was so polite. then the way he put his hand on my back to move me out of the way was the best.
i mean other than the fact that when someone touches my lower back i get weak, but it was more of a kind gesture to move me out of harms way & THAT was what made me dizzy lol.
long story short, i wanted to give him my number 3 hours before he even asked for it. then one day he text me out the blue and we were talking about philosophy & psychology so im just like.... WoooooW!
it was amazing.
if yu see him... nah, i dont want nobody to see him. he's not even my man and im being selfish... lmao
but his swag is ridiculous. his maturity is remarkable.
his dreads are gorgeous. his smile is immaculate.
he's just a work of art. but, he's my friend.
and seeing him today, lifted my spirits because he's so cool
other than him joking the way i talk.
i mean, i know i can be country sometimes but damn. dont bring it to my attention all the time. but seeing him smile, made me get over it a whole lot faster.
and he kinda crossed the line by drinking my soda but it was flat so i didnt care; thats exactly what he gets... his fine ass.
yeah, he went from alright, to cute, to fine ass.
but trust me, its more than looks & clothes; he's beautiful inside and out.
& his tattoos... ahhhh! great God. they are wonderful. lol
thats enough cause ummmmm, he's just my friend.

but he's a gentleman. thats the moral of the story.
he's a rare catch. he should teach an etiquette class.

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