Monday, January 19, 2009

wadufxup... triflin dudes

ahhhhh, yes! the male edition has finally arrived.
being that i hang with a vast number of the male species, i know just the things they do that make women say, "wtfUCK?" lol

first off... extra big clothes.
females like to see dudes in clothes that fit. walkin around with these dress lookin white tees on is utterly ridiculous. you mite as well throw on some leggings, boots, and a pearl necklace. ha! you look like a faggot. and why are we still saggin our clothes? we dont want to see your boxers anymore. i mean damn! for years people have been talkin about how trashy it looks but yet niggas is still doin it. i dont like it at all because who in the hell wants to walk around and see ass cheeks all day? wtfUCK? is looks a mess and i really wish you all would utilize belts.
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another thing... stop inviting your "homies" to the house and you know your girl is coming over. most females love the fact that you like having them around your friends, but not all the time. sometimes she just wants to be alone with you. in a way, you can also become your own cock blocker... catch my drift???

third, did ya'll know that we see you when you break your neck to look at our butts when we walk by? ha! yeah. especially in the mall and shit like that because we see your reflection in the glass. i for one know that have a lot of junk in my trunk so im used to dudes looking at me from all angles, but its different when you keep looking. ha! and then at the same time, we look to see if you look so that we know if you come back around tryin to talk to us, we know why. its so triflin, i swear it is.
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fourth, stop goin to the club and thinking every girl who shakes her ass on you wants to be your girl. for the most part, we just go to the club to have fun, see people, dance, listen to music, and relax [well, some of us]. but if the girl says she dont wanna give up her number, dont pursue her unless her eyes are telling you something different; and if you cant read a females' eyes, then you need to learn ASAP. body language && eyes are what you need to read in order to decipher whether or not a female wants you, dispite what she has coming out of her mouth.

and fifth, we dont give a damn how much you brag about the size of your dick. if anything, we want to leave that to our imagination until we see it for ourselves. one reason being, you may think your manhood is outrageously large, but we might have seen one bigger. and if we do decide to let you "taste the goods", dont ask us in the process if we think its big or not. shiiiiiiit! if its big and you know what you doing, we wont even been in the right mind set to answer. and if its small and we just letting you get it because we dont want the trip to just be a waste of gas, we dont want to embarrass you by telling you its not in the least above average. lol.
just remember to wrap your willies!
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so yes, dudes are also triflin. and they will forever leave us females wondering...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

wadufxup... over protective???

for some reason, i've been brainstorming a lot of blog topics today. so i told myself i would give myself a 2 blog maximum today.

earlier, i was thinking to myself, "i am over protective of my man?"
i mean of course, im not gonna share him with some other broad... like wtfUCK i look like? i know my bae look good & its pelnty of broads out there that still want him and there are gonna new broads imma have to knock off his dick. but at the same time, i dont wanna make it seem as though im insecure about our relationship. i know my bae aint gone cheat on me because
1. cant nobody love him the way i love him.
2. cant nobody make love to him the way i do.
3. his fam wont let him.
4. his bro wont let him do it.
5. his heart wont let em do.
6. ill kill him & the broad he messing around with; && i think he values his life too much for all that.

so i know he aint going nowhere, but at the same time i dont want a broad to think i wont do shit to her if she try and take what's mines. like today, this random ass girl hugged him in church, then asked him if i was his girl, b!tch, wtfUCK?
so im standing there, all nonchalant and watnot, and simply told her ass, "no, his fiance." and she had this look on her face like "damn, she beat me to it" but i aint pay that shit no mind because i know she seen the rock on my left hand. shiiiiit, im right handed but ill hit her ass with a left so she wont eva forget the fact that my nigga is locked down cause the imprint will be there for the rest of her life.
and i dont like females taking second looks at my bae; that's for me to do, not you. once is enough because i know you saw me on his arm the first time you looked. the third time, i start slappin hoes, cause i dont play that shit.

but, im just wondering if im over protective of him. is it just me, because i dont trust females when it comes to him cause i know broads is scandelous. with all this "you betta keep close tabs on yo man." BITCH! you betta keep close tabs on yo tracks if you say some shit like that to me again. i dont play. but i know he aint going no where.

&& at times, i dont even want that nigga to be with his fam, i rather him be with me, alone. & no i aint on that freak nasty ish either; i just like for us to be alone. and if we are gonna be with other people, i need to know in advance. lol. maybe that's being a little selfish, but fuck it. i can be selfish with the nigga, he mines. lol. but i know for a fact i gotta relax on that note cause i got the rest of my life to have one-on-one time with him. so that's on my resolution list but im in no rush to fix the problem like fa real fa real. ha! im crazy...

but i just love my baby... with all my heart.
he's my world.

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wadufxup... true friends

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wadufxup with all the fakeness in the world today???
why the heck is it so hard to find and keep a real, true friend these days? is it because everybody wants to go around and mingle just so that they can say, "ay, i know him/her" ? i mean, is there some kind of nationwide popularity contest taking place that i didnt get a memo for? like... im lost.
every time i turn around i see someone with a new "best friend" and its just like what happened? you & mary-sue just got matching tattoo's together last saturday, now here it is friday night and you at the mall with ann talking bout "this my ride or die; she hold me down no matter what." how do you know and ya'll only been friends for 4.5 days?
i dont understand. i mean i know at times people have little arguments and what not that causes them to take a break from someone but you know deep in your heart you still have their back no matter what, ya'll just aint on speaking terms at the moment until the bull blows over. but damn! dont just up and not claim em like you aint neva eva like em a day in yo life. like the girl wont just spending the weekend at yo house, or like ya'll wont chilling together at the club for 3 weeks in a row.
why dont people have true friends anymore? or is the question "why cant individuals be true friends anymore?"
if i had a dollar for everytime someone told me they dont hang wit somebody no more because:
a. he/she went and put my business out in the street.
b. he/she left me hanging for a nigga/broad.
c. he/she lied on me about ...
d. he/she tried to set me up
e. he/she was a liar
or anything else pertaining to that nature, i'd be a rich mofo.
i mean, i aint saying i've never fallen victim to no ish like that because that would be a lie; i think everyone has once upon a time. but the thing is, if you really value your friendship with that person and the situation is minor, than you must learn how to forgive & [maybe} forget.
personally, i'll forgive but depending on the situation, i very rarely forget because people have the tendency to be repeat offenders just because you let em slide the first time. shiiiiiiiiiiiiit!
i just wish people would learn the true meaning of being a friend so they can stop switching up like underwear. everybody you got in yo phonebook cant be yo "bestie".
i know my feelings wont be hurt if someone called me their associate, cause hell, if thats what i am then that's what i am. more than likely, i consider yo ass an associate too! ha!
i can honestly say, out of all the individuals i know, i only have...
10 true best friends.
the ones i know will be by my death bed if anything tragic were to happen to me.
the ones i know will put together a collection plate to get me outta jail.
the ones i know will let me come over they crib and cry my eyes out if i were hurt;
then we'd get in the whip, call the others and put fire to the individual's ass who hurt me.
the ones i know who wouldnt miss my wedding, the birth of my children, and my funeral because they know i wouldnt dare miss theirs.

if you cant say all that && more about the people you call yo "bestie" than you need to rethink that so-called "friendship".
... think about it.

i mean... wadufxup???

Saturday, January 17, 2009

wadufxup... dumb females.

ok... so i'm the type of person who sees and questions things a lot.
what i've been seeing a lot of lately, are dumb females.
females who dont know what to do with themselves and go out in public thinking they cute... but in reality, they look stupid.
HEELS. PUMPS. STILETTOS. if you cant walk in em, dont effin wear em. i know females have seen other females walking around in heels thinking they the flyest thing God put on earth, but it reality... you leave people staring at you, thinking to themselves "WTFuck?" ha! i think it's funny as hell watching females walk around like chickens trynna look sexy. please... relax. you wont all that cute before you put the damn shoes on. i swear... ya'll make me laugh.
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another thing... stop wearing your clothes so damn tight and you look like you just gave birth to twins. if you know you dont eat healthy, you dont exercise on a regular basis, and if you know you're supposed to wear XL's, dont put on a medium shirt. it's not in the least attractive. i mean, im not saying it because im a hater, im saying it because i hang around males and i hear them complain about this shit. if you do it, & you know you do [the first step to recovery is acknowledging you have an issue that needs to be solved] dont get offended; just think of this as a guide to the right path. i mean, no one wants to be behind you while you're walking up the steps and we see the front of your gut from the back. also, buy PANTS that fit. as we all know, belts dont always keep your pants up because if you pull it too tight, then the front of your pants bunch up in the front & it looks like you have a penis. lmao. maybe im being a little too blunt...
so im gonna say this nicely... ladies, please buy clothes that fit.
now take a look at this lady here...
notcie how her breast are falling out of her top- unattractive.
notice how the zipper BROKE and she obviously didnt care- disgusting.
notice the wet spot too- trifling.
now go back up... yeah, to the rash. -wtfUCK?
she made me throw up in my mouth a little bit when i saw it.

identity of the individual has been concealed to prevent further embarassment to occur once more.
*photo is courtesy of

also... if you find out your man is cheating on you, dont, and i repeat, DONT! call the female and curse her out.
these are the guidelines to handling a cheating, no good, bastard, boyfriend:
(1] confront him.
(2] curse him out.
(3]tell him to pack his shit [if you two live together].
(4] delete his numbers from your phone.
(5] forget where he lives.
(6] call the girlies, hit the club, have a couple of drinks, & keep searching for someone who'll do right by you.

the ONLY time you can call the female and curse &/or threaten her is if
a. she knew you two were together
b. if she a slut-bucket who'e been sleeping around with everybodies man & she needs to learn to keep her legs closed and her lips off other peoples... property [for lack of better word. lol]

but if this has ever happened to you, PLEASE keep the peace. no need to go to jail over a nigga who really dont care about you. it's never worth it.
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trust me, there are more things that females do that make them look dumb... but i'll say the rest of that for another blog. && please believe, niggas is triflin too, so i will speak on that at a later date because the also leave me wondering, wadufxup ???

Friday, January 16, 2009

wadufxup... with today's relationships?

ok, so i was at the mall and i noticed... there weren't many couples walking around. i mean, i aint sayin everybody gotta be all lovey dovey or no shit like that but damn! show somebody some kind of affection. its 2009 for Christ's sake && our president is black... show some damn love as if things look like they're gonna get better.
now my fiance and i are the lovey dovey type but aint neither one of us soft; dont get it twisted at all. i wont make threats or promises but shiiiiiiit, dont think you gone press our buttons and shit wont get blown outta proportion.
but its just hard to walk around knowing its only 5 or 6 other couples walking around a crowded mall that aren't afraid to let the world know...
"hey, this right nigga, this right here... this is MINES. so dont let me catch ya eyes glancing in this direction for no longer than .9 seconds."
or, we see couples together with like... 4 bad ass kids, but dont neither one of the parents is wearing a ring.
i thought the song went, "first comes LOVE, then comes MARRIAGE, then comes the BABY in the baby carriage." or maybe us little portsmouth kids learned the song in the wrong order... lol
or we always see a girl in the mall with "darnell" on friday all lovey dovey but then sunday after church she sitting by the water fountain in front of the elevator with that "i wanna sunday kind of love" look on her face while she smooching wit a copletely different nigga.
my advice: if you gone go to the mall wit a different nigga every other day and you know the same people you see on the regular be at the same mall... go to a different mall! damn, that's how people get they dumbasses caught up wit that stupid ish.
i hate it...


so here's my thought for the day:
dont rush into anything if your heart aint in it 100%. but at the same time, stop trynna run game on everything that look good because after a while, you gone realize you done ran through just about everything and there aint gone be nothing left for you to do witcha life other than try to convince everybody you aint a hoe/man-whore.

so the next time you find yourself juggling 3 and 4 different individuals, ask yourself, wadufxup???

Thursday, January 15, 2009

wadufxup... ???

so life as i see it ... is chaotic. like wadufxup in the world?!?!?!
bush just made his farewell speech around 8 pm-ish & let me be the first to tell you...
im the happiest mofo in history. personally, i didnt need to hear a speech; i like to be short, sweet, and to the long awaited point. if bush would have gotten his illeterate ass behind that podium and said "my fellow americans, i have moved my family and all of our shit out of the white house to make room for BARACK OBAMA and his family. i apologize for bullshitting you all for the past 8 years; i will be accepting ass whoopings for the rest of my years." i would have been completely satisfied. =)
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&& wadufxup with all these financial bail outs??? shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! i need a financial bail out... for school, for a car, for some more shoes, some more clothes, get me another phone, get a fill-in, and get my feet done. i could go ahead and start a college fund for the four boys i want to have before the lil dudes are even conceived. i want to go ahead and draw up the blueprints for my dream house and pay for it CASH *smack! smack! smack!* in the man's hand! lol
but my whole thing is, the government bailed fannie & freddie out so now every business in the US of A feel as though they need to be bailed out too. aint that bout a bitch & a half? even the damn porn industry is trynna get bailed out.... yeah. read it again... maybe you need to read it a third time. yes, the porn industry feel as though they dont have enough money to pay their hoes and man-whores. they need to survive because they can no longer afford to buy LifeStyle condoms for their actors nor can they afford to buy their actresses those 9 inch heels... [don't ask me how i know... 'cause it's the same reason you know.]
but i no longer want to speak on that terrible example of our country's 3conomics. hahahaaaaaaaa!
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& so i hear... Mr. West is proposing to pose nude in the near, but not so much anticipated, near future. no offense, i love kanye because he's so unique and his style is on a completely different level than these other "rappers" we listen to 3 times in one hour on 103 Jamz... but i dont think posing nude would be the right direction to go in... =(
but i do respect the fact that he made the comment that he would indeed first get into shape, meaning if he was gonna do it, he was gonna do it right. and i do respect that... =)
but i still dont wanna see the man nakie... unless he giving up the goods. i wonder if he gone have them sexy lil pelvic cuts... ahhh!
... i think i need to go change my Vickie Secrets...
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but that's enough for today... im sure someone'll do something tomorrow that will leave me asking... wadufxup?