Monday, January 19, 2009

wadufxup... triflin dudes

ahhhhh, yes! the male edition has finally arrived.
being that i hang with a vast number of the male species, i know just the things they do that make women say, "wtfUCK?" lol

first off... extra big clothes.
females like to see dudes in clothes that fit. walkin around with these dress lookin white tees on is utterly ridiculous. you mite as well throw on some leggings, boots, and a pearl necklace. ha! you look like a faggot. and why are we still saggin our clothes? we dont want to see your boxers anymore. i mean damn! for years people have been talkin about how trashy it looks but yet niggas is still doin it. i dont like it at all because who in the hell wants to walk around and see ass cheeks all day? wtfUCK? is looks a mess and i really wish you all would utilize belts.
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another thing... stop inviting your "homies" to the house and you know your girl is coming over. most females love the fact that you like having them around your friends, but not all the time. sometimes she just wants to be alone with you. in a way, you can also become your own cock blocker... catch my drift???

third, did ya'll know that we see you when you break your neck to look at our butts when we walk by? ha! yeah. especially in the mall and shit like that because we see your reflection in the glass. i for one know that have a lot of junk in my trunk so im used to dudes looking at me from all angles, but its different when you keep looking. ha! and then at the same time, we look to see if you look so that we know if you come back around tryin to talk to us, we know why. its so triflin, i swear it is.
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fourth, stop goin to the club and thinking every girl who shakes her ass on you wants to be your girl. for the most part, we just go to the club to have fun, see people, dance, listen to music, and relax [well, some of us]. but if the girl says she dont wanna give up her number, dont pursue her unless her eyes are telling you something different; and if you cant read a females' eyes, then you need to learn ASAP. body language && eyes are what you need to read in order to decipher whether or not a female wants you, dispite what she has coming out of her mouth.

and fifth, we dont give a damn how much you brag about the size of your dick. if anything, we want to leave that to our imagination until we see it for ourselves. one reason being, you may think your manhood is outrageously large, but we might have seen one bigger. and if we do decide to let you "taste the goods", dont ask us in the process if we think its big or not. shiiiiiiit! if its big and you know what you doing, we wont even been in the right mind set to answer. and if its small and we just letting you get it because we dont want the trip to just be a waste of gas, we dont want to embarrass you by telling you its not in the least above average. lol.
just remember to wrap your willies!
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so yes, dudes are also triflin. and they will forever leave us females wondering...

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