Monday, March 22, 2010

no responsibility ... wadufxup?

i hate when people take the easy way out to solve problems. wat the hell are you going to do when you're out on your own & shit starts falling apart?
when the landlord comes & places that eviction notice on your front door, are you gonna say, "i aint got time for this shit" & keep living there? lmaooo! nigga please. get yo life in order. they will run up in yo house while you out at the club on a friday night & put yo shit on the curb. & when it happens, i hope its hurricane season.
its like, people dont want to own up to their responsibilities & handle theirs. oh, but we so grown. we got this. we got that. cant nobody see me. im doin better than yu on a bad day. *blank face* getdafuckouttahea. i be wantin to slap the facial hair off niggas when they say that shit... especially when i kno wat really goes on wit em behind closed doors. smh.
& the same thing goes for females too. yu got time to be all on the internet going thru people's business, gossipin and shit when you dont even have YO shit in order. & if they aint doin that, they walkin round lookin for a nigga to take care of them. "shit, im bout to tell that nigga so-and-so to buy this for me." wat the fuck for? yu gone be so used to askin a nigga to do this, that, and the third yu aint gone kno how to hold yo own cause you aint never had to do it before. yu all thrill me wit the nonsense yu display everyday. smh.
i need to kno where all the people who pay they bills on time, have their priorities in order, and dont put all their business out in the street are at cause im so tired of seein these damn bums in the making walkin around. geeeeeez.

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