Monday, March 22, 2010

disappointment... wadufxup.

why is it so easy for people to be so damn unreliable...
seriously, people blow my life. if i had a nickel for every time someone said they'd do something for me & it didnt happen, i'd have my tuition for the next 3 years paid for, & thats including my meal plan. AND if i had a dime for every time i had to go out & do something on my own & somebody said, "why didnt you tell me? i wouldve..." bitch, have a seat. i'd have Tyler Perry money right about now.
now that i think about it, im really about to start chargin niggas for this shit. i'd be rich.
i've been spoiled just about ALLLLL my life. if i asked mommy for it & she said no, daddy'd say yes. when i asked daddy for something & he said no, mommy'd say yes. & if them two bums said no, somebody else would say yes lol so no matter what happens, i somehow find a way to get wat i need/want. but not everybody looks out like that, & i found that out the hard way.
so, understand when something doesn't go my way & im not understanding whythefucknot, yeaaaaah nigga! imma be bitter. imma bitch. imma whine. imma act like you are the scum of the Earth. deal wit it. thats how i roll lol.
no, im not sayin thats how i should act but thats wat happens. ill compromise with reason, but yu gotta let me kno something. if yu dont want to, let me kno. ill do it my damn self. if you cant, let me kno. ill find a way to make it happen. if yu just dont give a fuck, shiiiit... let me kno so i can stop giving a fuck about yu & yours too.
& i wish dumbfucks would stop actin like their are a necessity. niggachild, you are an option & an option ONLY. i dont need yu survive, yu are not Jesus. believe that.
i can hold my own, im just the type to use people in my favor because people are always asking me to do shit for them. & no thats not me sayin im a necessity to anybody else because i dont carry it that way. i just know that people come to me for shit, so its my way of lending a hand & then taking your hand & using it for my purposes in return. lol that sounds like a sexual innuendo but wateva.

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