Tuesday, March 23, 2010

wadufxup ... where the GOOD music at?

you know how music used to allow you to just, zone the fuck out, all by itself? i cant even get that no more...
im sittin here listening to lauryn hill & its like... why shit like this aint playin on the radio? its so bad in the music industry that i dont even think i want my kids to hear radio shit til they get in high school. i want the most crucial time of their learning years to be influenced by otis redding, al green, michael jackson, lauryn hill, jill scott, anthony hamilton, etc.
the music that you can play wit a gramma witout her frowin at you. the type music you play at your wedding and everybody knows ALLLL the words.
i want my kids to grow up and know how to appreciate jazz music. i said something about Boney James the other day to this dude & he had the audacity to say, "you dont look like the type to like Bone Thugs in Harmony, mama." i wish i could've slapped him & his damn mama for that shit. smh.
i'm so violent-minded sometimes... thats why i need REAL music to relax my spirit. yeah, i could listen to gospel music for all that but gospel music makes me cry lol. i dont always want my spirit touched, i just need it to be relaxed. sometimes it helps listening to D'Angelo ask "how does it feel" lol because that shit sooooooothes my mind from school & all the other bullshit goin on in this world.
"if i ruled the world, i'd free all my sons..." music that makes you THINK! music that leaves you contemplatin, "wat would i do if i ruled the world..." & actually have you thinkin of something productive. not that "i'd make weed legal" shit either. ugh.
how the hell is a nigga gone grow & live out his full potential listening to Waka Flaka Flame? this nigga aint even creative wit his damn name, but he got his voice comin out of yo car speakers... shakinmyfuckinheadatyudummies.
i just wish there was better music to listen to. simple as that. moral to my blog. theEND.

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