Wednesday, March 31, 2010

wadufxup ... just let the woman live.

so i believe everyone has seen the new Window Seat video. personally, i love it. its raw. to the point. she's beautiful & not to mention phat ass hell (no homo). like, i kno i had no idea she was packin like such so yeah, even as a female, i was caught off guard for a little bit. but beyond her thickness, the message behind her video was great. she literally stripped herself down to just her. the body she was given. nothing added to hender her growth, just her & the world around her. its like, she opened herself to growth. hence her lyrics, "dont want nobody next to me. i want a chance to fly, a chance to cry, and a long bye bye." they say the best way to listen to "you" is to be alone, to be at peace with self, and get rid of all the outside things that will keep you from hearing wat the "inner you" has to say to you. so for her to say she wants a window seat, makes perfect sense.
in the video she srips down of everything, then she's shot. she's talks about how she needs to get away. wat do people usually say when they want to get away from everything? they want to be in their "own little world", which is wat Erykah is saying. she wants to get away, to follow her own heart, to listen to herself think, to be her own guide. but at the same time, in my opinion, "i need your attention. i need you next me. i need someone to clap for me. i need your direction, somebody say come back." is her talkin to a higher being. i say higher being because i'm not sure if its God she talks to or not. all in all, i strongly believe i have a slight understanding of what she's saying.
now with the correlation to JFK being assassinated, i believe i have it. i remember reading that JFK did not agree with the NWO that the other presidents were in line with. he didnt want to be apart of the Illuminati & all the other secret society jive thats going on with our government... but im gonna possibly save that for another post. but being that JFK was in opposition with something that had been going on for years before him, wat happened? he was assassinated. assassinated for standing on his own two feet & saying no to something he didnt agree with & didnt want to pull across other people. assassinated for thinking with his own mind. assassinated for believing in something that others didnt, no matter the pressure. and wat was erykah talking about? how she wanted to get away & think on her own, etc. at the end of the video, she is shown being assassinated because she as an individual is not aceppted. hence, all te ngativity feeding from the premier of the video. it should be no arguement that this video is the naked truth & makes sense if you try to see it from her point of view. so the correlation makes perfect sense to me & i salute her for being the bold individual she is & going outside of the box to portray what she believes in to the world.

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