Saturday, January 17, 2009

wadufxup... dumb females.

ok... so i'm the type of person who sees and questions things a lot.
what i've been seeing a lot of lately, are dumb females.
females who dont know what to do with themselves and go out in public thinking they cute... but in reality, they look stupid.
HEELS. PUMPS. STILETTOS. if you cant walk in em, dont effin wear em. i know females have seen other females walking around in heels thinking they the flyest thing God put on earth, but it reality... you leave people staring at you, thinking to themselves "WTFuck?" ha! i think it's funny as hell watching females walk around like chickens trynna look sexy. please... relax. you wont all that cute before you put the damn shoes on. i swear... ya'll make me laugh.
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another thing... stop wearing your clothes so damn tight and you look like you just gave birth to twins. if you know you dont eat healthy, you dont exercise on a regular basis, and if you know you're supposed to wear XL's, dont put on a medium shirt. it's not in the least attractive. i mean, im not saying it because im a hater, im saying it because i hang around males and i hear them complain about this shit. if you do it, & you know you do [the first step to recovery is acknowledging you have an issue that needs to be solved] dont get offended; just think of this as a guide to the right path. i mean, no one wants to be behind you while you're walking up the steps and we see the front of your gut from the back. also, buy PANTS that fit. as we all know, belts dont always keep your pants up because if you pull it too tight, then the front of your pants bunch up in the front & it looks like you have a penis. lmao. maybe im being a little too blunt...
so im gonna say this nicely... ladies, please buy clothes that fit.
now take a look at this lady here...
notcie how her breast are falling out of her top- unattractive.
notice how the zipper BROKE and she obviously didnt care- disgusting.
notice the wet spot too- trifling.
now go back up... yeah, to the rash. -wtfUCK?
she made me throw up in my mouth a little bit when i saw it.

identity of the individual has been concealed to prevent further embarassment to occur once more.
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also... if you find out your man is cheating on you, dont, and i repeat, DONT! call the female and curse her out.
these are the guidelines to handling a cheating, no good, bastard, boyfriend:
(1] confront him.
(2] curse him out.
(3]tell him to pack his shit [if you two live together].
(4] delete his numbers from your phone.
(5] forget where he lives.
(6] call the girlies, hit the club, have a couple of drinks, & keep searching for someone who'll do right by you.

the ONLY time you can call the female and curse &/or threaten her is if
a. she knew you two were together
b. if she a slut-bucket who'e been sleeping around with everybodies man & she needs to learn to keep her legs closed and her lips off other peoples... property [for lack of better word. lol]

but if this has ever happened to you, PLEASE keep the peace. no need to go to jail over a nigga who really dont care about you. it's never worth it.
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trust me, there are more things that females do that make them look dumb... but i'll say the rest of that for another blog. && please believe, niggas is triflin too, so i will speak on that at a later date because the also leave me wondering, wadufxup ???

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