Thursday, January 15, 2009

wadufxup... ???

so life as i see it ... is chaotic. like wadufxup in the world?!?!?!
bush just made his farewell speech around 8 pm-ish & let me be the first to tell you...
im the happiest mofo in history. personally, i didnt need to hear a speech; i like to be short, sweet, and to the long awaited point. if bush would have gotten his illeterate ass behind that podium and said "my fellow americans, i have moved my family and all of our shit out of the white house to make room for BARACK OBAMA and his family. i apologize for bullshitting you all for the past 8 years; i will be accepting ass whoopings for the rest of my years." i would have been completely satisfied. =)
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&& wadufxup with all these financial bail outs??? shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! i need a financial bail out... for school, for a car, for some more shoes, some more clothes, get me another phone, get a fill-in, and get my feet done. i could go ahead and start a college fund for the four boys i want to have before the lil dudes are even conceived. i want to go ahead and draw up the blueprints for my dream house and pay for it CASH *smack! smack! smack!* in the man's hand! lol
but my whole thing is, the government bailed fannie & freddie out so now every business in the US of A feel as though they need to be bailed out too. aint that bout a bitch & a half? even the damn porn industry is trynna get bailed out.... yeah. read it again... maybe you need to read it a third time. yes, the porn industry feel as though they dont have enough money to pay their hoes and man-whores. they need to survive because they can no longer afford to buy LifeStyle condoms for their actors nor can they afford to buy their actresses those 9 inch heels... [don't ask me how i know... 'cause it's the same reason you know.]
but i no longer want to speak on that terrible example of our country's 3conomics. hahahaaaaaaaa!
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& so i hear... Mr. West is proposing to pose nude in the near, but not so much anticipated, near future. no offense, i love kanye because he's so unique and his style is on a completely different level than these other "rappers" we listen to 3 times in one hour on 103 Jamz... but i dont think posing nude would be the right direction to go in... =(
but i do respect the fact that he made the comment that he would indeed first get into shape, meaning if he was gonna do it, he was gonna do it right. and i do respect that... =)
but i still dont wanna see the man nakie... unless he giving up the goods. i wonder if he gone have them sexy lil pelvic cuts... ahhh!
... i think i need to go change my Vickie Secrets...
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but that's enough for today... im sure someone'll do something tomorrow that will leave me asking... wadufxup?

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