Sunday, January 18, 2009

wadufxup... over protective???

for some reason, i've been brainstorming a lot of blog topics today. so i told myself i would give myself a 2 blog maximum today.

earlier, i was thinking to myself, "i am over protective of my man?"
i mean of course, im not gonna share him with some other broad... like wtfUCK i look like? i know my bae look good & its pelnty of broads out there that still want him and there are gonna new broads imma have to knock off his dick. but at the same time, i dont wanna make it seem as though im insecure about our relationship. i know my bae aint gone cheat on me because
1. cant nobody love him the way i love him.
2. cant nobody make love to him the way i do.
3. his fam wont let him.
4. his bro wont let him do it.
5. his heart wont let em do.
6. ill kill him & the broad he messing around with; && i think he values his life too much for all that.

so i know he aint going nowhere, but at the same time i dont want a broad to think i wont do shit to her if she try and take what's mines. like today, this random ass girl hugged him in church, then asked him if i was his girl, b!tch, wtfUCK?
so im standing there, all nonchalant and watnot, and simply told her ass, "no, his fiance." and she had this look on her face like "damn, she beat me to it" but i aint pay that shit no mind because i know she seen the rock on my left hand. shiiiiit, im right handed but ill hit her ass with a left so she wont eva forget the fact that my nigga is locked down cause the imprint will be there for the rest of her life.
and i dont like females taking second looks at my bae; that's for me to do, not you. once is enough because i know you saw me on his arm the first time you looked. the third time, i start slappin hoes, cause i dont play that shit.

but, im just wondering if im over protective of him. is it just me, because i dont trust females when it comes to him cause i know broads is scandelous. with all this "you betta keep close tabs on yo man." BITCH! you betta keep close tabs on yo tracks if you say some shit like that to me again. i dont play. but i know he aint going no where.

&& at times, i dont even want that nigga to be with his fam, i rather him be with me, alone. & no i aint on that freak nasty ish either; i just like for us to be alone. and if we are gonna be with other people, i need to know in advance. lol. maybe that's being a little selfish, but fuck it. i can be selfish with the nigga, he mines. lol. but i know for a fact i gotta relax on that note cause i got the rest of my life to have one-on-one time with him. so that's on my resolution list but im in no rush to fix the problem like fa real fa real. ha! im crazy...

but i just love my baby... with all my heart.
he's my world.

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