Sunday, January 18, 2009

wadufxup... true friends

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wadufxup with all the fakeness in the world today???
why the heck is it so hard to find and keep a real, true friend these days? is it because everybody wants to go around and mingle just so that they can say, "ay, i know him/her" ? i mean, is there some kind of nationwide popularity contest taking place that i didnt get a memo for? like... im lost.
every time i turn around i see someone with a new "best friend" and its just like what happened? you & mary-sue just got matching tattoo's together last saturday, now here it is friday night and you at the mall with ann talking bout "this my ride or die; she hold me down no matter what." how do you know and ya'll only been friends for 4.5 days?
i dont understand. i mean i know at times people have little arguments and what not that causes them to take a break from someone but you know deep in your heart you still have their back no matter what, ya'll just aint on speaking terms at the moment until the bull blows over. but damn! dont just up and not claim em like you aint neva eva like em a day in yo life. like the girl wont just spending the weekend at yo house, or like ya'll wont chilling together at the club for 3 weeks in a row.
why dont people have true friends anymore? or is the question "why cant individuals be true friends anymore?"
if i had a dollar for everytime someone told me they dont hang wit somebody no more because:
a. he/she went and put my business out in the street.
b. he/she left me hanging for a nigga/broad.
c. he/she lied on me about ...
d. he/she tried to set me up
e. he/she was a liar
or anything else pertaining to that nature, i'd be a rich mofo.
i mean, i aint saying i've never fallen victim to no ish like that because that would be a lie; i think everyone has once upon a time. but the thing is, if you really value your friendship with that person and the situation is minor, than you must learn how to forgive & [maybe} forget.
personally, i'll forgive but depending on the situation, i very rarely forget because people have the tendency to be repeat offenders just because you let em slide the first time. shiiiiiiiiiiiiit!
i just wish people would learn the true meaning of being a friend so they can stop switching up like underwear. everybody you got in yo phonebook cant be yo "bestie".
i know my feelings wont be hurt if someone called me their associate, cause hell, if thats what i am then that's what i am. more than likely, i consider yo ass an associate too! ha!
i can honestly say, out of all the individuals i know, i only have...
10 true best friends.
the ones i know will be by my death bed if anything tragic were to happen to me.
the ones i know will put together a collection plate to get me outta jail.
the ones i know will let me come over they crib and cry my eyes out if i were hurt;
then we'd get in the whip, call the others and put fire to the individual's ass who hurt me.
the ones i know who wouldnt miss my wedding, the birth of my children, and my funeral because they know i wouldnt dare miss theirs.

if you cant say all that && more about the people you call yo "bestie" than you need to rethink that so-called "friendship".
... think about it.

i mean... wadufxup???

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