Friday, January 16, 2009

wadufxup... with today's relationships?

ok, so i was at the mall and i noticed... there weren't many couples walking around. i mean, i aint sayin everybody gotta be all lovey dovey or no shit like that but damn! show somebody some kind of affection. its 2009 for Christ's sake && our president is black... show some damn love as if things look like they're gonna get better.
now my fiance and i are the lovey dovey type but aint neither one of us soft; dont get it twisted at all. i wont make threats or promises but shiiiiiiit, dont think you gone press our buttons and shit wont get blown outta proportion.
but its just hard to walk around knowing its only 5 or 6 other couples walking around a crowded mall that aren't afraid to let the world know...
"hey, this right nigga, this right here... this is MINES. so dont let me catch ya eyes glancing in this direction for no longer than .9 seconds."
or, we see couples together with like... 4 bad ass kids, but dont neither one of the parents is wearing a ring.
i thought the song went, "first comes LOVE, then comes MARRIAGE, then comes the BABY in the baby carriage." or maybe us little portsmouth kids learned the song in the wrong order... lol
or we always see a girl in the mall with "darnell" on friday all lovey dovey but then sunday after church she sitting by the water fountain in front of the elevator with that "i wanna sunday kind of love" look on her face while she smooching wit a copletely different nigga.
my advice: if you gone go to the mall wit a different nigga every other day and you know the same people you see on the regular be at the same mall... go to a different mall! damn, that's how people get they dumbasses caught up wit that stupid ish.
i hate it...


so here's my thought for the day:
dont rush into anything if your heart aint in it 100%. but at the same time, stop trynna run game on everything that look good because after a while, you gone realize you done ran through just about everything and there aint gone be nothing left for you to do witcha life other than try to convince everybody you aint a hoe/man-whore.

so the next time you find yourself juggling 3 and 4 different individuals, ask yourself, wadufxup???

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